Gruppen Fyra (or G4) is a Finnish contemporary dance group established in 1998. It currently consists of five professional dancers (Pia Liski, Jenni Nikolajeff, Virpi Juntti, Kaisu Hölttä and Tommi Haapaniemi) and a range of other guest performers from various artistic disciplines.

The group normally produces up to three productions per year, not including commissions. The dance company’s programme consists of tour performances, commissioned works and reiterations of the group’s many successful past pieces. In addition to using traditional performance spaces, Gruppen Fyra performs at private events and takes action in parks, city streets and even public transport. Not only is this a chance to break out of the black box, but an opportunity to broaden people’s knowledge of performance by making contemporary dance public and visible to those who may not necessarily be active patrons of theatres and dance studios. These outdoor events have featured extant material, commissions or even pure improvisation.

With a vast experience of performance in Finland and abroad over the past fifteen years (including Iceland, Thailand and Norway in 2000, Japan and Portugal in 2004), Gruppen Fyra is a breath of fresh air in the field of Finnish contemporary dance. Their accessible and humorous style paired with a high standard of movement has been received with great enthusiasm – Gruppen Fyra is contemporary dance that everyone can enjoy.

To book Gruppen Fyra for your event, please contact Pia Liski (tel. +358-40-7373235 / email: